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Welcome to Cultural Society of East Bay

I hope you all had a summer.  This summer was too short.  It gives us a time to explore China again.   We were in Shanghai this summer and visited different parts of China.  It was nice to see the changes in China since we were there two years ago.  We noticed that all the cell phones people were carrying.  Not only people use  their cell phones for calling or texting but to do all purchases.   China has become a cashless economy.

You can order food and pay for it with a scan on your cell phone.  Since China doesn't really have a credit system for consumers to get credit cards, their cell phones are hooked up to their bank accounts for everyday transactions, such as ordering carry-out, paying for grocery, eating at restaurants...etc.  Even taxi cabs can be paid for by the scan of your cell phone.     But what happens when your data is running low or there is no wifi connection at a spot you are at?   Even their laundromats are hooked up with Alipay or WeChat.  You can't even do your laundry if your wifi connection is down.  What about if you cell phone is low on battery by the end of day?  Does it mean that you can't grab a bite to eat because your cell phone is out of battery? I guess that's the down side of paying with a scan on your cell phone.

Learn more about China's cashless economy here: Is China Ready for a Cashless Future?